Must visit tourist spots in Kashmir for Travelers. Kashmir is surrounded by a picturesque landscape of snow-capped mountains and shimmering lakes. The Great Himalayan range and the Pir Panjal range encircle the three main areas of Jammu, Kashmir, and Ladakh in this stunning environment. Known as India’s Switzerland, Kashmir is known for its many scenic spots, many of which are worth visiting because of the arresting views. Many places in the state reflect nature’s beauty at its best, which no traveller should miss. In this article, we will make you aware of the top 5 attractions of Kashmir that fill everyone’s wish list of Kashmir’s visiting places.

Floating Market at Dal Lake

 Srinagar’s most unusual sight is the Floating Vegetable Market in Dal Lake. The vibrant colours and stunning backdrop of this floating market make it the ideal location for photographers. The beautiful scenery it offers makes this a must-see spot in the Jammu and Kashmir tour. For the bustling floating market, one must arrive early in the morning. With Must visit tourist spots in Kashmir for Travelers.

With Must visit tourist spots in Kashmir for Travelers.

On the lake, on the floating Shikara boats, fresh vegetables are sold straight from the floating gardens in the natural wetlands of Srinagar. As 5:00 am is the peak time for the market, it’s ideal to arrive by this time. Moreover, floating Vegetable Market visitors enjoy pleasant weather from March to October.

Indira Gandhi Tulip Garden

Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden is regarded as Asia’s largest Tulip Garden. Since 2007, the garden has been open to the public. Since the Mughals established pleasure spots in Kashmir during the 16th century, this tulip garden is undoubtedly the first major landscaping project undertaken. The Indira Gandhi Tulip Garden is accessible by a leisurely drive just nine kilometres from Srinagar along the soothing Dal Lake.

This garden is nestled in the gentle slopes of the Zabarwan hills. The area is flanked by a manicured golf course in the north, and the Dal Lake essentially washes its western edge. Tulip Gardens is endowed with an aesthetic of timeless grandeur by the nearby Chashme Shahi and Pari Mahal complexes.

Zero Point at Sonamarg

In Sonamarg’s direction, toward the Drass side and the Zojila Pass, Zero Point is 35 km from Sonamarg. The pass is known for being among the most hazardous worldwide. The name of this place is designated zero-point because, at this place, the temperature scale is always minus degrees.

Mesmerizing views from Shankaracharya Hills

Located on the top of this forested hill lies a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. You will ascend two hundred and fifty steps to reach this ancient temple built in the ninth century. This ancient temple is constructed with grey stone blocks and is one of the earliest designs in India. Electronic devices are strictly prohibited at this temple and should be deposited with military personnel before climbing the steps. It means you can genuinely disconnect while you are there. Shankaracharya Hill is regarded as one of Kashmir’s top attractions. And can have a pleasant view of the entire city of Srinagar from this hill.

Cable Car at Gulmarg Gondola

Known as the most prominent attraction of Gulmarg, the Gondola is the world’s second-longest and second-highest cable car. This two-phase line transports almost 600 people per hour from and to Apharwat Mountain, the site of many winter sports in Gulmarg. As part of phase 1, Gulmarg Gondola takes passengers from Gulmarg Resort to Kongdoori Station (middle station). It rises 400 meters in vertical distance from the base at 2,990 m. The cable car transports 1500 passengers an hour to 3100 m, where there are several ski runs.

As part of Phase 2 of Gulmarg Gondola, Kongdoori Mountain is connected to Apharwat Peak. The cable car ascends 1,330 vertical metres and reaches nearly 4,000 meters in an hour. You will need to trek 30 minutes more to get to the mountaintop from the rail station. You can see the Line of Control from here. The Gulmarg Gondola offers a terrific view of Nanda Devi, the Pir Panjal mountain range and the LOC. Apart from cherishing the beauty of the Himalayan ranges, tourists can experience the joy of other activities like horse riding & snow skiing.

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Doodhpathri the stunning valley

Doodpathri is a tourist spot in Kashmir valley, 42 km from Srinagar in Dist Budgam. At the altitude of 8957 from sea level, Travellers can approach Doodpathri via Khansahib and Arizal.

This place is known as Doodpathri, which means Milk valley. Why so? It’s because of the Famous Saint of Kashmir, Sheikh ul Alam Sheikh Noor din Nooran RAH. So they are also, Known as Alamdari Kashmir. He poked the ground with his stick while looking for water in the meadows to make prayers, and milk came out. He questioned whether you could only use the milk for drinking and not for personal hygiene. As soon as the milk heard this, it instantly changed into water, giving the meadow its name of Doodhpathri. The water flowing through the fields appears milky from a distance and is highly chilly all year. Its beauty is further enhanced by the thick, emerald grass covering the vast meadows and the silvery, sparkling streams meandering over the large stones. Up to Chang, Doodhpathri is a sloping grassy landscape with various multicoloured flowers.