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About Jammu and Kashmir Tour Packages – If you want to revel in romantic shikhara rides, alpine surroundings and the serenity of Buddhist monasteries Ladakh, allow C Himalaya Tour and Travels to satisfy your dreams. C Himalaya Jammu and Kashmir vacation applications promise you unforgettable memories, from your circle of relatives holidays in Jammu and Kashmir to customised experiential Tour Packages.

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Visit our website to reserve a Jammu and Kashmir tour package; if you’d like to sit down again, relax, and let us organise a suitable trip to Jammu and Kashmir just for you. So we’ll make sure that the experience of travelling to Jammu and Kashmir will live eternally in your memories. And also, each Jammu & Kashmir tour is carefully and lovingly planned by the C Himalaya Tour and Travels group of travel experts, with a dash of romance. Further, the objective is to make sure that your trip to Jammu and Kashmir is more than just a vacation—it’s an amazing experience that will have you wanting to come back soon. And also, when you go on an excursion, C Himalaya Tour & Tours wants to make your heart happy with cosy lodging, delicious cuisine, and qualified instruction.

So Book Tour Packages for Jammu & Kashmir are available from all major cities, including Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai, and more.

 And also, visiting Jammu & Kashmir with C Himalaya Tour and Travels is comfortable and convenient, so we also guarantee your trip will go well.



About Jammu and Kashmir


The romantic houseboats, breathtaking shikhara rides, and excellent views of the early sun in Jammu and Kashmir will make you forget about the traditional way of life. However, Jammu & Kashmir has a wealth of memories to give, including breathtaking views of sparkling lakes and mighty mountains. And also fantastic Shikara rides. Further, Jammu & Kashmir is undoubtedly beautiful on earth, whether you’re running through snowy blankets or taking a surprise on Jammu’s crumbling spires. And you can also participate in horseback riding by the Sheshnag Lake in the Jammu & Kashmir Valley to become your shining knight. Or choose luscious apples from gorgeously young trees whose weight causes the wood to bend. Your yearning is natural.

Best time to visit Jammu and Kashmir

The weather in Jammu and Kashmir varies from mild with blooming flowers to chilly with frozen lakes that signify eternal beauty. So the most excellent season to travel to Jammu and Kashmir is April through June, when you can indulge your outdoor fantasies. Tourism in Jammu and Kashmir is high as the summer reveals beautiful greens and white traces. And also, take a stroll around the strawberry fields in Gulmarg at this time. And so you will always be moving around in Jammu and Kashmir because the temperatures never get too high. 

The glistening Dal lake beckons you to engage in heart-pounding water sports or terrifying Shikhara rides. You have many options if you enjoy the outdoors at this time of year. Therefore, First, choose the low-season inexpensive Jammu & Kashmir trips between December and March. And so this paradise is tightly encircled in thick snowfall. Go to Gulmarg, Pahalgam, and Sonamarg to satisfy your desire for adventure. Ski at a high level, surrounded by snow-capped mountains and the massive Himalayan Ranges. And also, check out the cheap Jammu & Kashmir travel packages available during this time on the C Himalaya Tour and Travels.

How to reach Jammu & Kashmir

By air –Sheikh Ul-Alam International Airport in Srinagar is the airport that is most accessible to Jammu and Kashmir. The distance from the city centre to it is about 15 kilometres. Major cities in India have direct flights to Srinagar. And also, be aware that flying to Jammu is an alternative if you come from Mumbai or Delhi. Further, Leh’s Kushok Bakula Rimpoche Airport connects Chandigarh, Mumbai, and Delhi.

 Finally, You could take a taxi or cab to your selected location at the Srinagar airport. Additionally, you can take public and private buses to travel to Jammu & Kashmir and other popular tourist locations, including Gulmarg, Leh, Jammu, and Ladakh. Moreover, this airport, which also serves as a military airbase, is well-equipped with various facilities and services. It includes luggage services that travellers at the Srinagar terminal can use, including baggage facilities. And also, you can get snacks and beverages are also offered to ensure you don’t get hungry while waiting for your flight. Purchase your tickets far in advance, especially if you travel during a popular time of year. Air India, Air Asia, Go Air, Indigo, Vistara, and Spice jet are the airlines that fly to and from Srinagar.

If you are looking to Travel by Train, go through it below!

The Jammu Tawi Railway Station, located 305 kilometres from the main city centre, is the closest railhead to Jammu & Kashmir. Additionally, this train station has good connections to places like New Delhi, Pune, Chennai, Kolkata, and Mumbai. Some trains that travel to and from Jammu and New Delhi include the New Delhi-Jammu Tawi Rajdhani Express. So, when you arrive in Jammu, many options for getting to Srinagar and Jammu & Kashmir are available just outside the station. Some will transport you to the city, including shared taxis, buses, and taxis.

Travel Kashmir By Road 

Jammu and Kashmir is the ideal travel location for you if you’re seeking a road trip and want to enjoy the route and the destination equally. If you are coming from Jammu, you are in for a treat because Jammu & Kashmir is only a seven to eight-hour trip with a few stops. As you go to Jammu and Kashmir, you might hire a private taxi or cab with a native driver who can help you navigate the uphill ascent and winding roads. In addition, there are frequent state and personal bus services from Jammu to Jammu & Kashmir. 

Are There any Alternatives To reach Kashmir by Road?

You can pick from various alternatives, including Volvo, sleeper buses, and air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned vehicles. Before selecting your transportation means, consider your budget, comfort, and safety. Even though taking an overnight bus is the most popular and practical way to go to Jammu and Kashmir, you can still board daytime buses. Both public and private buses travel to and from Chandigarh and Amritsar. The road from Amritsar passes through Patnitop and Anantnag in Jammu & Jammu & Kashmir, as well as Gurdaspur and Pathankot in Punjab. You will journey from Chandigarh through Pathankot, Udhampur, Anantnag, and Hoshiarpur.

Places to visit in Jammu and Kashmir

Images of Jammu and Kashmir evoke cosy, plush Shikaras floating along the tranquil Dal lake, snowfalls, and faded green settlements painted in highland deserts. Long-standing monasteries that symbolise peace, a quick descent of the Gulmarg valley’s snowy peaks, and, eventually, a foray into Jammu & Kashmir’s sinful Roghan Josh. All types of adventures are rewarded in this hamlet. Tourism in Jammu and Kashmir centres on places like Srinagar, Gulmarg, Sonmarg, and Leh. Here are a few magical sites you should visit as part of your Jammu and Kashmir travel itinerary to give you more time to think.

Why is Kashmir Known as a true paradise?

Jammu & Kashmir is truly paradise on earth with its hidden valleys, isolated cottages, and plentiful lakes that mirror the beauty of their surroundings. So prepare to regain your sense of enchantment as you widen your eyes in awe at the fantastic splendour of this utopia.


The lavish waters of Dal Lake are dotted with floating flowers, colourful Shikaras, and colourful houseboats with wooded balconies. Wander the crowded streets of Raghunath Bazaar and Lal Chowk and pick out vintage trinkets like embroidered scarves, pashminas, and Jammu and Kashmiri carpets to bring home. The Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden is where you may stroll through a field of blooming tulips surrounded by mighty mountains and expansive blue skies.


In Gulmarg, everything is perfect. Gulmarg is a popular destination for tourists from all walks of life because of its babbling brooks, thick coniferous forests, and snow blankets. The ice-skating, skiing and trekking goals will excite the adventurer in you. Visit the Baba Reshi shrine, St. Mary’s Church, and the Shiva temple if you have a religious bent.


Sonamarg offers a variety of activities for you to partake in, whether you prefer calm reflection by the lake or a wild rafting trip at Shutkari Bridge. Spend time with your family at your chosen picnic location near Kishnasar Lake. Or ride an ice scooter in the Thajiwas Glacier and float across the regal and enormous snow cover.


The magnificent Lidder and Seshnag Rivers, which play through breathtaking deep mountain valleys encircled by fir and yew trees, are found in this tourist town. You hike long trails because of the endless alpine meadows and the chilly air. Finally, make your way to Aru, a little mountain community that is a critical starting point for all nearby trekkers.

Jama Masjid, Srinagar

Three hundred fifty deodar tree trunks used as pillars help this massive mosque stay tall. In addition, this mosque has spires as decoration instead of regular mosques, which typically feature domes and minarets. This monument, one of Srinagar’s holiest sites, is surrounded by a sizable, lush courtyard, with grand spires serving as gatehouses in each of the four directions.

Shankaracharya Hill

A trip to this charming timbered hill is essential for those oriented toward religion. A 250-step ascent will bring you to this ancient temple, which dates back to the ninth century and is dedicated to Lord Shiva. This grey stone structure is unquestionably old and was sculpted long ago. Get rewarded for the arduous hike with stunning views of Srinagar.


You will undoubtedly be intrigued by the calm Buddhist monasteries and historic ruins that dot this town. This hamlet, which lies 22 kilometres northwest of Srinagar in the stunning Jammu & Kashmir valley, is perched on the banks of the Jhelum river. The ancient archaeological sites at Pattan Bazaar and Parihaspora Pattan make this town a must-see.

What to eat in Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir’s cuisine is blessed with a long culinary history. There is a lot of Kashmiri ghee, Jammu & Kashmiri red chilli, and garam masala in its flavorful, nutritious meal. Here are a few delicacies worth splashing out on while visiting Jammu and Kashmir.

Rogan Josh – Everyone who enjoys meat is in for a treat. Yoghurt marinates the chunky lamb, topped with brown onions and ground spices. The standard accompaniments for this are steaming rice or the traditional Indian flatbread, roti.

In Modur Pulav, In search of a tasty treat? In this Jammu and Kashmiri treat, sweetened rice is also cooked with milk, sugar, and ghee before being topped with saffron and dried fruits. So naturally, you wouldn’t want to have just one serving of this dish, which is served in a sweet small clay pot.

Paneer– The cuisine of Jammu and Kashmir also features a vast selection of mouthwatering vegetarian meals. And also luscious, creamy turmeric paste to create fluffy cottage cheese. Enjoy this dish with some steaming rice, toast, or roti.

Dum Olav: This comforting dish with yoghurt-dipped potatoes, ginger powder, fennel, and hot spices on top. When eaten with roti or naan, this meal tastes the tastiest.

Things to do in Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu & Kashmir is a place of timeless beauty, rich culture, and exciting things to do. Every moment is guaranteed to be documented in our Jammu and Kashmir packages. Here are some activities you can enjoy while visiting Jammu and Kashmir. Include them in the Jammu & Kashmir travel packages you’ve narrowed down.

Ski through snowy flakes.

Jammu and Kashmir are a wonderland for all adventurers and a white heaven. The ideal season to take your family skiing is during the winter. Go to Sonamarg’s Thajiwas glacier, Gulmarg, Pahalgam, and other well-known skiing locations. Run through the snow on a ski, not in a one-horse open sleigh!

Go apple-picking

Wander through Jammu and Kashmir’s never-ending green orchards and pick ripe, cherry-red apples that bend moss-covered cottage trees. Green, blooming trees covered in ripe, glossy apples are all over Srinagar. Remember that September and October are the ideal months to visit these orchards.

Gulmarg Gondola

The Kongdori Mountain’s breathtaking views of soaring peaks can be seen from Asia’s highest cable car trip, which flies you up over 400 metres. The most satisfying thing to do in Gulmarg is unquestionably this. On the two-stage Gulmarg Gondola, soar across the tall pine forests toward the Mt. Affarwat range.

There are a variety of activities and things to do in Kashmir, which is already common knowledge. You can choose our Jammu & Kashmir travel packages by combining pristine lakes, mind-blowing culinary experiences, flamboyantly painted Shikaras, and undiscovered settlements. So why are you holding out? Visit our Travel packages page immediately to reserve your Jammu & Kashmir honeymoon or family tour package.

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